The Masterplan

In response to the clear feedback from the Dollis Valley Estate residents and our understanding of the wider community, our overriding ambition for Dollis Valley’s regeneration is to fully integrate the Estate and its community into the wider Underhill neighbourhood.

With a new network of residential streets, a predominant character of two and three storey houses with private gardens and communal garden squares, we envision Dollis Valley as London’s first 21st Century garden suburb. This new garden suburb will not only be ‘green’, but will be ‘smart’. From the scale of the masterplan and community infrastructure, to the design of individual houses and apartments or the details of each home, our approach aims to place Dollis Valley at the leading edge of sustainable suburban development. It will simply be the best place to live in Barnet.

Dollis Valley Masterplan

Our Team’s concept of a ‘Smart Garden Suburb’ is embedded in four broad masterplan principles

  1. A Connected Community
  2. People Friendly Streets
  3. A Green Neighbourhood
  4. Adaptable Homes

A Connected CommunityThe new masterplan is based on the idea of being connected; physically, socially and environmentally to the wider Underhill neighbourhood. We are increasing the number of site entrances and encouraging more pedestrian and vehicular movment through the site, introducing new public gardens as a focus for community outdoor life, developing a new multi purpose community centre on Mays Lane visible to the wider nieghbourhood, and creating a bespoke range of energy efficient, spacious and adaptable home designs specific to this unique suburban context.

Dollis Valley Floorplan - 1